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Contact Us

CSEC, Erskine Williamson Building


Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions
University of Edinburgh
Erskine Williamson Building
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
King's Buildings
United Kingdom

Maps and Travel Directions:

CSEC is situated in the Erskine Williamson Building on the King's Buildings campus

Accessing CSEC:

Access into the building is restricted to the authorised University card holders. If you do not have an authorised entry card then the best way to get into CSEC is through James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB) - the entrance is just behind The Magnet cafeteria on level three of JCMB (if unsure - just ask the servitors at the JCMB Reception and they will be happy to take you to CSEC). There's a telephone at the door and a list of numbers for CSEC occupants you can call for entry.


General enquiries should be addressed to
CSEC Secretary
Tel: +44 (0)131 651 7228

Alternatively, please, contact
Dr Steve Hankin (CSEC Superintendent)
Tel: +44 (0)131 650 5313