CSEC Management


Deputy Director

Associate Director

Support Staff

Name Role/Research Interests
Dr Michael Capeness
Prof. Parsons - PA Support - Chemistry Admin Office Secretary
Mr Ian Eggington
Mr Frank Morris Building Superintendant and Safety Officer

Academic Staff

Name School Role/Research Interests
Prof. Graeme Ackland Physics and Astronomy
Prof. J. Paul Attfield Chemistry High pressure materials synthesis
Prof. Euan Brechin Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Magnetism, High Pressure Science.
Dr Geoffrey Bromiley GeoSciences High pressure experimental mineralogy and petrology
Dr Ian Butler GeoSciences Experimental Geochemistry
Prof. Charles Cockell Physics and Astronomy Life in extreme environments, microbe-mineral interactions, habitability of extratererstrial environments
Prof. Eugene Gregoryanz Physics and Astronomy
Dr Andreas Hermann Physics and Astronomy Computational Materials Physics
Dr Louise Horsfall BioSciences
Prof. Andrew Huxley Physics and Astronomy
Prof. Konstantin Kamenev Engineering
Dr Caroline Kirk Chemistry
Dr Tetsuya Komabayashi GeoSciences High-Pressure Experimental Petrology and Mineral Physics
Dr Ingo Loa Physics and Astronomy
Dr John Loveday Physics and Astronomy
Dr Miguel Martinez-Canales Physics and Astronomy Computational study of materials at extreme pressure
Dr Christopher McDermott GeoSciences
Prof. Malcolm McMahon Physics and Astronomy
Dr Stewart McWilliams Physics and Astronomy High pressure, high temperature materials science; planetary science; shock physics.
Dr Stephen Moggach Chemistry
Dr Naomi Nakayama BioSciences
Prof. Simon Parsons Chemistry
Prof. Colin Pulham Chemistry High-pressure studies of energetic materials, pharmaceuticals, fuels, and lubricants
Dr John Royer Physics and Astronomy
Dr George Serghiou Engineering
Dr Christopher Stock Physics and Astronomy
Dr Filipe Teixeira-Dias Engineering Impact and structural dynamics, ballistics and blast waves, high strain rate material behaviour, computational mechanics, composite and cellular materials, applied and solid mechanics
Prof. Ying Zheng Engineering Chemical Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Name School Role/Research Interests
Dr Helene Breton GeoSciences
Dr Richard Briggs Physics and Astronomy Laser-driven ramp/shock compression of materials up to terapascal pressures
Dr James Cumby Chemistry Structure and Electronic Properties of Transition Metal Oxides
Dr Helen Duncan Chemistry
Dr Virginia Echavarri-Bavo BioSciences Investigating the possible applications of metallic nanoparticles synthesised by microorganisms
Dr Paula Kayser-Gonzalez Chemistry
Dr Emiko Komabayashi Engineering
Dr Scott McKellar Chemistry High Pressure Crystallography, Metal-Organic Frameworks, High Pressure Magnetism
Dr Oleg Nerushev Chemistry Lubricants Under Pressure
Dr Helen OConnor Chemistry
Dr Elise Pachoud Chemistry
Dr Nikolaos Pantidos BioSciences
Dr Sergio Sanz Calvo Chemistry
Dr Jacob Shephard Chemistry
Dr Elena Solana Madruga Chemistry
Dr Manila Songvilay Physics and Astronomy
Dr Julia Vallejo Chemistry
Dr Xiao Wang Engineering Instrumentation design and development

Postgraduate Students

Name School Role/Research Interests
Mr Sergejs Afanasjevs Engineering
Ms Veronika Afonina Physics and Astronomy High-pressure physics
Mr James Aston Physics and Astronomy
Mr Olumide Fatai Bello BioSciences Biotechnology, Novel Enzymes and Protein Engineering
Mr Olumide Fatai Bello BioSciences
Ms Ardith D. Bravenec GeoSciences
Ms Katherine Brown Physics and Astronomy
Mr Alexander Browne Chemistry
Ms Mara Capone Physics and Astronomy
Mr Christopher Clark Physics and Astronomy Low temperature Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) Microscopy
Ms Amy Coleman Physics and Astronomy
Mr Lewis Conway Physics and Astronomy
Mr Paul Coster Chemistry Polymorphism of Energetic Materials
Mr Miguel Cueva BioSciences Synthetic Biology, Metal Nanoparticles
Ms Charlotte De Grouchy Physics and Astronomy Magmas at extreme pressure-temperature conditions: building planets in the lab
Ms Mary-Ellen Donnelly Physics and Astronomy
Mr Oliver J E Entwisle Physics and Astronomy
Ms Sarah Finnegan Physics and Astronomy
Ms Athina Frantzana Physics and Astronomy
Mr Hector Fraser Chemistry
Mr Kenneth Freeman Physics and Astronomy Thermoelectrics at High Pressure
Mr Nathan Giles-Donovan Physics and Astronomy
Mr Nico Giordano Chemistry
Ms Vili Grigorova Engineering
Ms Claire Hobday Chemistry High-pressure crystallography, solid-state DFT, grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations
Mr Jacky (Ka) Hong Chemistry Solid State Chemistry
Mr Karl Hope Chemistry Energetic Materials at Extreme Conditions
Mr Adam Howell Physics and Astronomy
Mr Kunlang Ji Chemistry Geometrically Frustrated Magnets, Layered Perovskites
Mr Haoxiang Jin Engineering Instrumentation and Technique Development for Novel High Pressure Experiments
Ms Hannah Johnston Chemistry High-pressure synthesis, oxynitride anion ordering
Mr Padraig Kearins Chemistry
Mr Harry Keen Physics and Astronomy
Mr Liam Kelsall Physics and Astronomy
Ms Patricia Kloihofer Chemistry
Ms Charlotte Lilley BioSciences
Ms Fiona Marquess Chemistry
Mr Bernhard Massani Physics and Astronomy
Mr Duncan McCann Physics and Astronomy Strongly correlated physics, notably superconductivity, under extreme conditions
Mr Charlie McMonagle Chemistry
Mr Graham McNally Chemistry
Mr Adam Michalchuk Chemistry
Ms Donna Morton Physics and Astronomy
Mr Lukas Muhlbauer BioSciences
Mr Keith Munro Physics and Astronomy High Pressure, High Temperature Diffraction
Mr Victor Naden Robinson Physics and Astronomy High pressure ice, and planetary interiors
Ms Helen OConnor Chemistry
Mr Edward Pace Chemistry Investigating light atom materials at high pressure; diamond anvil cells and Walker multi-anvil press with high temperatures.
Ms Jana Pasztorova Physics and Astronomy
Ms Giuditta Perversi Chemistry Orbital molecules and Fe3O4-like system
Ms Isabel Povedano Fuentes Engineering
Mr Ciprian Pruteanu Physics and Astronomy High Pressure Fluids
Ms Rebecca Rae Chemistry
Mr Matt Reeves Chemistry
Mr Jonathan Richarson Chemistry
Mr Paul Sarte Chemistry Magnetism at Extreme Conditions, High Pressure-High Temperature Synthesis
Mr Aaron Scott Chemistry
Ms Hannah Scott Physics and Astronomy
Mr Callum Stevens Physics and Astronomy
Mr Michael Stevenson Physics and Astronomy
Mr Christian Viktor Storm Physics and Astronomy
Ms Zara Tebay BioSciences
Mr Pattanasak Teeratchanan Physics and Astronomy Computational Materials Under Pressure
Mr Samuel Thompson GeoSciences
Mr Zak Towle BioSciences
Mr Robin Turnbull Physics and Astronomy
Ms Gemma Turner Chemistry
Mr Gavin Woolman Physics and Astronomy
Mr Efrain Zarazua-Arvizu BioSciences

Visiting Scientists, Attached Scientists and Honorary Fellows

Name School Role/Research Interests
Dr Stephen Elphick GeoSciences
Dr Natalia Gomez-Perez Physics and Astronomy
Dr Malcolm Guthrie Physics and Astronomy High Pressure
Prof. Christopher Hall Engineering Engineering Materials
Prof. Andrew Harrison Chemistry Honorary Professor - School of Chemistry
Prof. Ben Harte GeoSciences Minerals and Melts in the Earth's Interior
Mr Takayuki Nagai Chemistry
Prof. Richard Nelmes Physics and Astronomy Professor of Crystallography & Senior Visiting Fellow at the ISIS Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Prof. Chrystele Sanloup Physics and Astronomy Condensed Matter and Photonics/Hard Condensed Matter
Prof. Lindsay Sawyer BioSciences Protein biochemistry at high pressure