Erskine Williamson Day 2016

Photos from the Erskine Williamson Day 2016



10:00-10:10 Welcome - Paul Attfield

10:10-10:15 Short presentation by delegation from Zhaoqing, China

10:15-11:00 Dario Alfe, UCL “Heat transport and thermal structure of the Earth’s core.”

11:00-11:30 COFFEE and PHOTOGRAPH

11:30-12:00 Serena Corr, University of Glasgow “Probing structure and dynamics of (nano)materials for battery applications”

12:00-12:30 Geoff Bromiley “Imagining the inaccessible: time revolved 3-D tomographic imaging at extreme conditions”

12.30-1:00 Minghui Yang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics “Metal (oxy)nitrides: from magnetoresistances to environmental applications”

1:00-2:00 LUNCH CSEC Reading Room

2:00-2:30 Andreas Hermann “Hydrogen-bonded systems in planetary interiors: from molecules to minerals”

2:30-2:50 James Cumby “Charge order in natural magnetite“

2:50-3:10 Nicci Potts "Constraining the Volatile Inventory of the Lunar Interior"

3:10-3:30 Mark Fox-Powell “Habitability of Extraterrestrial Aqueous Environments”

3:30-3:50 Chris Ridley “Development of a spherical pressure cell for rotation in high magnetic field.”

4:00-4:30 COFFEE CSEC Reading Room

4:30-4:45 Simon Parsons “CSEC: Future directions”

4:45-5:15 Malcolm McMahon "Ultra-Fast Structural Studies of Shock-Induced Phase Transitions"

6:30 PM DRINKS & 7:00 PM DINNER St Trinnean's Room, St Leonard's Hall, Pollock Halls




Tuesday, 3 May 2016