Erskine Williamson Day 2018

Erskine Williamson Day: 30th Anniversary of Paris-Edinburgh Cell



10.00-10.10    Welcome Simon Parsons (University of Edinburgh)

10.10-11.00    "Where is the oil inlet?": Three decades of science using

                        Paris-Edinburgh cells Stefan Klotz (Sorbonne University)

11.00-11.30    Coffee

11.30-12.00    New insights into energetic materials using neutron-scattering techniques

                       Sumit Konar (University of Edinburgh)

12.00-12.30    Quasi-eleastic neutron scattering in a Paris-Edinburgh Cell: a new tool for

                       probing hydrogen dynamics under extreme conditions Livia Bove (EPFL)

12.30-14.00    Lunch

14.00-14.40    Next generation portable Large Volume High-P/T/Stress/Tornography Cells

                       for Extreme Chemistry and Earth Sciences Yann le Godec (Sorbonne


14.40-15.10    Core formation in the early solar system: in-situ measurements of melt

                       migration velocities Geoff Bromiley (University of Edinburgh)

15.10-15.40    Structural studies of a piezophilic DNA unwinding machine

                       Laura Spagnolo (Univeristy of Edinburgh)

 15.40-16.10   Coffee

16.10-16.50    The Paris-Edinburgh Press at ISIS - Pushing the Limits in Every Direction

                        Craig Bull (ISIS)

16.50-17.20     Getting the oil off your shirt.  Studies of mixtures and the Paris-Edinburgh

                        Cell John Loveday (University of Edinburgh)

18.30-19.00     Bar opens, St Trinnean's Dining Room, St Leonards Hall, Pollock Halls

19.00-              Dinner



CSEC Seminar Room for presentations

CSEC Reading Room for Lunch and coffee

St Trinnean's Dinning Room, St Leonards Hall, Pollock Halls for dinner









CSEC, Erskine Williamson Building


Tuesday, 29 May 2018