Conference on Science at Extreme Conditions, CSEC-2021

The Conference on Science at Extreme Conditions, CSEC-2021, was held online from 26 to 30 July 2021. It was organised in cooperation between CSEC researchers and the Institute of Physics (IOP).

The COVID pandemic had led to the cancellation of numerous scientific conferences over the last year, including the joint AIRAPT/EHPRG-2021 conference that was to be held in Edinburgh this summer. The negative effects of this are being most keenly felt by younger researchers, who have missed golden opportunities to present both their work, and themselves, to the rest of the community. CSEC-2021 addressed this by providing 130 mostly junior researchers an opportunity to present their research to the high-pressure scientific community, complemented by some didactic talks from more established researchers and facility operators.

The next joint AIRAPT/EHPRG meeting is now scheduled to take place in Edinburgh in summer 2023.