Dr Miriam Peña-Alvarez awarded Future Leaders Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Miriam Peña-Alvarez on being awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

The UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships have been instigated to ensure the strong supply of talented individuals needed for a vibrant environment for research and innovation in the UK. In this fourth round of the Fellowships, we are pleased that Dr Peña-Alvarez has been awarded a fellowship.

Planetary original diagnostics at extreme conditions with Raman spectroscopy

Dr Miriam Peña-Alvarez is a condensed matter chemist with interests in extreme conditions.

In 2017 she joined the School of Physics and Astronomy as Postdoctoral Research Associate. Her work is based at the University's Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions. During her work here, she has mastered the skills to explore the effects of pressures and temperatures rivalling those found in the centre of the Earth and the Jovian planets’ outer layers.

There is a strong need to expand experimental laboratory science to support on-going and future investments in spacecraft missions and advanced telescopes. Dr Peña-Alvarez’s research intends to recreate planetary interiors in the laboratory and decipher how extreme pressure and temperature affect the physico-chemical properties of planetary systems. The Future Leaders Fellowship will allow her to tackle some of the main challenges in the field of condensed matter.