January 2015 - Visiting Professor and Honorary Fellows in CSEC

Chrystele Sanloup is a Visiting Professor, Malcolm Guthrie is an Honorary Fellow, and Andrew Harrison is an Honorary Professorial Fellow.


Chrystele Sanloup was an ERC Fellow in CSEC, and she has recently moved to a Professorship at the Universite P. et M. Curie in Paris. 

She will continue active involvement with CSEC as a Visiting Professor. Malcolm Guthrie previously worked at the Carnegie Institute in the US and has recently been appointed a high pressure scientist at the ESS neutron project in Lund, Sweden. He will also spend 20% of his time in CSEC as an Honorary Fellow. Andrew Harrison was the founding Director of CSEC and a Director of ILL, Grenoble during 2006-2013. He became CEO of Diamond in 2014.