October 2009 - Prof. John B Parise visiting CSEC for six months

Prof. John B Parise visiting CSEC for six months (October 2009). CSEC welcomes a long established research collaborator, Professor John Parise of Stony Brook University, New York, as a visiting Fulbright Distinguished Scholar. John will be staying with us in CSEC for six months mainly working with Paul Attfield and Geoff Bromiley on a programme of oxynitride synthesis and with Simon Parsons on investigations of possibly ferroic inorganic-organic hybrid frameworks.  John will also be spending some time at ISIS and Diamond with CSEC groups carrying out experiments to characterize materials synthesized at Edinburgh, and joining in ISIS experiments with Richard Nelmes, John Loveday and Craig Bull.  John has a long history at ISIS and with the CSEC neutron scatterers, who were important in formulating ideas for the construction of the Spallation And Neutron Scattering (SNAP) beamline recently commissioned at the Spallation Neutron Sources in Tennessee. He also is a member of the Diamond Scientific Advisory Committee.  John is a professor of Chemistry and of Geosciences at Stony Brook University with a joint appointment in Materials Science at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He was recently appointed co-director of the Joint Photon Science Institute.